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Kia Orana and Welcome to Matariki FM

Matariki FM commenced broadcasting in June 2007 and is the only FM radio station with full coverage of Rarotonga on the following frequencies; Matavera to Black Rock 96.7, BlackRock to Tikioki on 91.9 and from Tikioki to Matavera on 99.9. The name Matariki is synonymous with the cluster of stars known as Matariki in the Taurus Constellation and also known as the Pleiades.

Although Matariki FM is predominantly and parochially native, its magazine style format is bilingual; that is the Rarotonga Cook Islands Maori language and English.

Whilst Matariki FM is very informative and entertaining, it believes in nurturing the Cook Islands Maori language and protecting the intellectual property rights of Cook Islanders.

The music accompaniment is predominantly Cook Islands and Tahitian but other Pacific Islands music are played such as Samoan, Niuean, Tongan, Tokelauan, Solomon, Kanak, Hawaiian, Papua New Guinean and New Zealand Maori

Kua akatupu ia  te Ratio Matariki FM ite marama Tiunu mataiti 2007. Ko te Ratio Matariki ua te Ratio FM e takapini nei ia Rarotonga. Teia te au numero no ta’au ratio; Matavera kia Black Rock 96.7, Black Rock kia Tikioki 91.9 e Tikioki kia Matavera 99.9

Noatu e te turuturu pakari nei te Matariki FM ite peu Kuki Airani tikai ko te akateretere’anga i runga ite mareva tei roto te reira ite  reo Kuki Airani Maori ete reo Papa’a. Te utuutu nei te Matariki FM ite reo Kuki Airani Maori kia kore e ngaro, ete paruru ite au mekameka ote iti Tangata Kuki Airani kia kore Katoa e ngaro.

Te akamaroiroi nei te Matariki FM ite iti tangata kia tamou ite reo ete utuutu ite reo, te reo Rangatira a te Ui Tupuna. Ko te maata’anga o te au imene e akatangi ia ana ki runga ite Matariki FM ko te Kuki Airani ete Tahiti inara te akatangi ia nei tetai au imene Amoa, Niue, Tonga, Tokelau, Solomon, Kanak, Vaii, Papua e to Aotearoa.

"Matariki" The Pleiades

A group of six or more stars in the shoulder of the constellation of Taurus, the first of which before sunrise indicated the beginning of the Maori year. According to some accounts, the first appearance was made in the evening. Its appearance was always greeted with great rejoicing by the ancient people. (Source S.Savage: A Dictionery of the Maori Language of Rarotonga)

In traditional Polynesian Society the appearance and disappearance of Matariki marked the beginning and end of the seasons. The season of abundance begins around the end of November which marks the end of the season of shortage.

Long before the discovery of Polynesia by European explorers, Polynesians had successfully found and populated the Pacific. Matariki acted as a navigational beacon and marked seasonal change for our Tupuna (ancestors). Today the Cook Islands Voyaging Society navigators continue to use Matariki as one of its navigational beacons.

Matariki in other languages

Makali'i (Hawaiian)

Matari'i (Tahitian)

Matali'i (Samoan)

Mataliki (Tongan & Tokelauan)

Mataiki (Marquesan)

Pleiades (Greek)

Subaru (Japaneese)



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